Globally logistics customers have high expectations and supply chains are under pressure to offer reliable services and full transparency over every booking with a limited time period. In 2020, Logistics management operations, joined by progressive delivery techniques, will built up key strategies to benefit from the innovations of more intelligent and customer oriented  supply chains.  Here are three trends which will impact the landscape of logistics management in 2020. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT A significant factor in worldwide business techniques around the globe is inviting more environmental considerations into the supply chain, which will end up being significant in 2020. For many companies  buildings and logistics equipment will be purchased dependent on their environmental impact which will save money due to efficient energy and reduced transport costs. Sustainable logistics will assist in achieving a cleaner environment and will improve business reputation, encourage client loyalty and minimise costs for the long term. TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATIONS The progression of evolving technologies will keep on assuming the important role of innovating supply chain operations. In the past,  clients booked shipments, received a delivery date and then were removed form the delivery process, present-day shipment tracking systems currently permits clients (and receivers) to track their cargo around the clock- improving both client experience and the general supply chain operations. Additionally, the accuracy and innovation of GPS technology expands profitability as logistics providers can schedule their fleet and better manage their dispatch operations. With organizations like Amazon experimenting with drone delivery, logistics companies everywhere should be considering how technology integrations can improve their workflow and operational processes. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS For many organisations, a significant focus of their supply chain strategy is to limit the cargo cost while offering a reliable service. Leveraging third party logistic (3PL) organisations will assist in diminishing costs, free up valuable resources and open up the possibility to increase productivity and workflow for logistics companies globally. 3PL companies are offering a range of different services to help logistics companies meet the demands of their clients, including web-based ordering interface, online returns, automated documentation, and allocated stock administration.  
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