1. AI offers better business intelligence, giving the information needed to minimise operational costs and service customer better.

The introduction of machine learning and technology powered with AI gives new insights of knowledge, including managing the supply chain, logistics and warehouse operations.

Two innovative developments in the logistic industry which best leverage AI for supply chain operations are;

  • Robotic powered sorting & packing – A fast sorting of packages, letters, and pallet freight.
  • Machine learning visual inspection – Photographing shipments to locate damaged goods and identify the best strategy to correct the error.
  1. AI gives insights into innovating logistics management and streamlining operations

 AI offers logistics companies an unparalleled analysis of the performance of logistics operations, which assists with developing new strategies to improve productivity.

As per the previously mentioned report by IBM, AI joins ground-breaking abilities of three advances in technology – administered learning, solo learning, and reinforcement style learning to recognise issues affecting supply chain operations.

For example, administered learning and can recognize identity fraud and make intelligent assumptions, while reinforcement learning conducts real-time decision making with stored data.

  1. AI can analyse huge amounts of data

AI enhances operations by enabling the tracking of all parts of supply chain operations to improve demand and predicting logistics trends. AI enables the user an infinite loop to adequately forecast impact on supply chain which is informed by real-time bookings and weather patterns.

This information is ground breaking for warehouse management offering self driving equipment, self managed picking and packing,  automated inventory systems

  1. AI improves customer relationships

AI enhances customer relationships by offering a more efficient service which is personalised for the client. A perfect example of this is Amazon’s integration with Alexa.  All customers can immediately receive status updates  of their shipment by asking Alexa and receive real time information as to the progress of their delivery.



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