Are you considering taking your company global and maybe testing out some international markets? Going global with international logistics is a great way to connect with suppliers and customers across the world. Developments like Aliexpress have shown just how small the world is now and how easy it is to source goods and connect with a wider consumer base. You can negotiate, test new water, and grow your business.

However, international logistics operations are not easy. There is a lot to juggle and manage, such as the different supply chains and various regulations and processes that come with working with different markets. Then there are the different lead times and delivery dates across the chain. It is a challenge. But, with a better understanding and the right team on your side, it is possible. Before you dive in and learn more about working with a company like TMS, here are some important considerations about economics and customs.


The different aspects of transport economics.

All companies want to be sure of creating the most cost-effective solution possible for transporting goods across borders and overseas. But, there may be aspects to transport economics that you have overlooked. That is why it is so important to consider the following.

1) Supply and demand are variable. Supply and demand will alter and this needs to be predicted as best you can to prepare for major changes. A good third-party company can help with this by anticipating problems like traffic and port disruption.

2) Market conditions are just as variable. There are some events that you can’t fully predict. But, it still helps to have a plan in place in case of unexpected events. This means that systems need to be as flexible as possible to adapt and make sure there is no damaging interruption to the chain.

3) Product elasticity can also make a difference to overall costs. Some products are more elastic than others in terms of pricing and the scope for increased profit. It is important to be aware of the elasticity of all your products, as well as factors that can limit elasticity. These can include regular costs for packing, security measures, and product management.

4) Pricing and costs on a wider scale. Finally, there are the additional costs and the impact that they have across the logistics system of the company. There may be knock-on effects to certain choices that affect the general performance of the system of compliance with government regulations.

Important considerations when taking freight across borders.

Border control and customs relations are aspects of international logistics that no company can take lightly. That is why it helps to bring in a professional freight forwarder to help with the following issues:

1) Dealing with the costs involved in international freight. As you saw above, understanding the economical implications of a logistical choice can make a big difference. One of the most important factors here is determining the best mode of transportation for getting your goods to your customers as cheaply, safely, and quickly as possible.

2) Proving ownership of goods. When you have the best transportation method set up, you still need to be able to prove ownership to avoid any stress with border control at ports. A good customs broker can help you out there.

3) Complying with customs and border regulations. Of course, ownership is just the start as you also need to prove that your goods meet regulations. This means having the right documentation about the products, packaging, and anything else that may be of use. The more you can offer, the smoother the process.


There is a lot to consider when setting your business up for international logistics. But, the right third-party company can help with all those customs, border, and economical complications. We can help you understand the customs requirements, transportation needs, and other costs related to your business and help you develop a smooth process. Call us today to find out more.

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